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this is what i do when i can’t sleep and i’m mildly irritated

*sung to When the Saints Go Marching In* Oh when Rachel gets really pissed at some ignorant dipshit oh i would hate to be in the same room as she verbally rips him a new asshole I like how this … Continue reading

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movie villains

Movie villains. Most of them I hate. Then there the small percentage that I’m like like dammnnn take me to you lair any day of the week (like Tom Felton and Cillian Murphy). Sometimes I avoid watching a movie because … Continue reading

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After having a rather dapper week, it was really nice to be home for Thanksgiving. I mean, it has everything you could ever ask for: great food, football, embarrassing family moments that you will never be able to suppress, and … Continue reading

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My Christmas List

Lately while I’ve been in Macroeconomics or Accounting class, I’ve been thinking about what I want for Christmas. And for once in my life, there’s nothing I can think that I want. Well, duh, there’s plenty of things that I … Continue reading

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look at me shinin’

Today in my first edition of Rachel finding random/bizarre and usually entertaining pictures, I bring to you this one. I call it, “Look at Me Shinin’”. Like the song by YoungBloodz off of the Step Up soundtrack. My question is, … Continue reading

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why I attract complete creepers

this is a question that I, Rachel, I have been asking myself since I decided that boys didn’t have cooties (7th grade, maybe?) I have come to the conclusion that: I have a creeper chip embedded in my skin, kinda … Continue reading

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going to work


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