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How to Be Random


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I stalked myself on the new timeline feature on facebook. I picked out a couple of funny facebook posts that I found and forgot about. Then there was a really stupid long one that I don’t fucking understand. I can’t … Continue reading

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How Nerdy Are You?

PROLLY REALLY NERDY. This results of this test are very surprising. I thought I would be high up there. Maybe I am just a video game/interwebs nerd.

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constant vomit

That is my new phrase I just thought of. Think of one of the most embarrassing event(s) of your life. Or someone you don’t like. And don’t start with me with “I’m perfect and I don’t have one” shit. If … Continue reading

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s&*t my dad says

These are all direct quotes and conversations from my father.  None of this shit (sadly) is made up. (sitting at dinner watching TV show about archaeology) Me: Hey Dad, did you know that Zahi Hawass guy got canned? Dad: Who … Continue reading

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sweet talkin ken

I went to target today with Sam, and I found a new toy that I need.  No, no, its not just one of those things that I really want bad but don’t necessarily need it.  I LEGIT NEEEEDDD THIS. Introducing … Continue reading

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my expectations of las vegas

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