What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

Well there was this one time that I went to go get orange leaf.  Usually I only get the birthday cake and the brownie batter froyo, since I am huge creature of habit.  I was about to get the birthday cake and brownie batter, but there it was: cookies and cream frozen yogurt.  Normally I think anything red velvet is disgusting but I just got this urging to try it.  So I took a leap of faith, and filled the 12 oz plastic bowl of love with some cookies and cream froyo.

Then I bought my froyo from the snotty 17 year old girl at the cash register who looked like she didn’t want to be there and would rather be making out with her college age boyfriend that her parents don’t know about.  I sat down on one of those weird funky plastic chairs they had and went in for the kill.  My tastebuds were on high of oreo cooking amazingness.  And to make it even better, I added cookie dough into the mix so it was like double cookie in yo faceness.

And that experience truly changed my life.  It’s sooooooo definitely not as important as getting a degree or getting my first job.


About panthersofamerica

I am a crazed 26 year old who is mentally 7 years old. I love the internetz and making people laugh, so what's better than having a blog full of stuff that makes people laugh? Nothing, that's what I tell you.
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