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200 word rant

So now, I am going to rant for less than 200 words. Let’s see if I can get my point across or if I will miserably fail. Today when enjoying my food at dinner, this nerd was sitting these people … Continue reading

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things I say in foreign languages instead of english

I have noticed recently that for some words, I am either too bored, lazy, or secretive to say the english word and use another. A common example would be the use of the word zenci. Shit, I’ve been doing that … Continue reading

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why learning croatian will beneficial to both you and I

Right now on this Christmas Eve at 3:06 AM, I am going to explain to you why it’s beneficial for me, RACHELLE, to learn Croatian. And I promise, there several ways that it will be good for me, and I … Continue reading

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I stalked myself on the new timeline feature on facebook. I picked out a couple of funny facebook posts that I found and forgot about. Then there was a really stupid long one that I don’t fucking understand. I can’t … Continue reading

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How Nerdy Are You?

PROLLY REALLY NERDY. This results of this test are very surprising. I thought I would be high up there. Maybe I am just a video game/interwebs nerd.

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living in the past

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warning labels for thieves/snoopers

A couple years ago, I was gone for spring vacation and I had noticed that some of my stuff was not how it was when I came back. Obviously, as this is my reaction to most things, I was pretty … Continue reading

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