football teams i hate and the reasoning why i hate them, part 2

I’m procrastinating which means its time for another blog post from yours truly. Now am I going to tell you more about each football team and either a reason why I hate or like them. Let’s be honest, I hate most of them.

1. Dolphins – I don’t really have beef with these guys. I know they beat the Steelers once but they Steelers gave them that game, they kinda tend to do that a lot. (fucking roethlisberger) They beat the Patriots once, and that made me happy. So I like them for that reason.

2. Bungholes – They do not deserve to be called by their formal name that’s how much I don’t like them. I only call them by these names: Bungals, Bungalholes, Bungholes. It’s understood that the Steelers and Bungals hate each other. Kinda like how Tom and Jerry hate each other. Or how my mortal enemy is physical activity. Either way, fuckin’ bungals.

3. Dolts – Another team that doesn’t not deserve to be called by its formal team. I could go on for hours about much I hate the Dolts. Fun fact, I used to be a Dolts fan. They were my second favorite team. Then people started acting like asses to me since I liked the Steelers. 99% of their fans are fairweathered. And then when the Dolts are good they watch and means instantly that their football fanatics. Then they shove it in your face that they are good even though it has been uncovered that they basically are a one man organization. I even had some fucker give me shit about the Colts being better the Steelers and he doesn’t even like football. That’s when you know your fan base sucks. Guess what, now they are 0-8, and I hope they end up 1-15. I don’t want them to get that Luck guy. Though being winless couldn’t happen to nicer group of jag offs.

4. Chiefs – I don’t really have an opinion of you. You beat the Colts this year so that made me happy. BUT THEN YOU LOST TO THE COLTS LAST YEAR. Whatever, I still have no opinion of you.

5. Giants – I don’t like Eli Manning because he’s is related to his piece of shit brother. Plus those fucking oreo commercials are annoying as shit. But I like when Giants beat the Patriots that one year. That shit was great. 15-1 or something like that. haha Plus I like Michael Straham or whatever his name is. And Tiki Barber played for them too!

6. Lions – The NFL’s lovable losers…until recently. I think they might pull a Cincy Bungals and lose the rest of the season. They lost like two games in a row. And I don’t know if they won right now because I am scared to go on because I don’t want to know the score of the Steelers v. Patriots game right now. They are winning but I don’t want to jinx that shit. Either way, I really don’t mind the Lions. Unless they beat the Steelers which hasn’t happened in recent times.

7. Panthers – I don’t mind Cam Newton. I bet he would kick ass if he had players around him. I think in a couple years that the Panthers will be a force to be reckoned with. But I really have no opinion of them.

8. San Francisco – Your coach is a shit because you are related to the biggest a hole besides Bill Belicheck. If I ever met Jim or John Harbaugh, I would be like, “hey i hate you or your sibling because you are related to the stupid baltimore ravens”. Then they would probably say something bitchy back and I would probably hiss at them like a cat. Just because I could. The Steelers would happy that I did that. Especially Jamie-o and MarMar.


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I am a crazed 26 year old who is mentally 7 years old. I love the internetz and making people laugh, so what's better than having a blog full of stuff that makes people laugh? Nothing, that's what I tell you.
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