my blog’s audience?

So I have been writing in this blog now for over a year (I missed my fucking anniversary by like 2 months, crap.  I would have totally obnoxiously celebrated it.  Oh well, there’s always half birthdays…I COULD CELEBRATE A QUARTER BIRTHDAY…okay this note is becoming way too long…or is it????)  I think it’s time now to analyze some statistics and maybe think up what my audience is really like.

Well, I know for a fact that two girls read this blog.  Both are American.  Then another 3-4 girls which are American.  One Brazilian, maybe a Swede but this tends to be where I unleash the weird side of myself so she kinda tries to avoid this area.  (hehehe)  Then random people at my school that I am friends and are not on the swim team read this.  Oh and my mom and my sister and my cousin.  So logically females read this blog.

Now in la la land, my blog is read by all kinds of people.  Here is a pie chart to show you.


(okay I made this really fast and this is SUPER sloppy but those are supposed to be percents…oopsies)

I really need to work on my Antarctican fanbase, I think it could be a lot larger than it already is. You know what I really need to do? I just need to kiss some insignificant country’s ass like Luxembourg or Liechtenstein. Then they will make me their mascot and I can become famous in that country thus giving me more page views and somehow I will become more popular in the United States. I mean, shit the Backstreet Boys did, I should be able to do it. It’ll be like ERRYBODY, RACHEL’S BACK ALRIGHT. *cue in music*

Okay that’s really lame. Really, really super lame. But I can’t help the shit and ideas that come out of this brain. But in all somewhat seriousness, I do need to work on getting the word spread. LIKE READ MY BLOG DAMNIT. But I need it to be less vulgar and more pretty.

Glitter Text Maker

PERFECTO. For once in my life I have found a happy medium. Did you know that I actually have the skills to make one of those glitter graphics things myself? I KNOW ISN’T THAT INTERESTING. Back in Web 1.0 days before facebook took over my life, all I would do on the internet is update my website with graphics like that. BUT NOOOOO, thanks to social networking that’s basically all what the internetz is used for. Thanks Mark Zuckerberg…you jag off.

I don’t even know what I was talking about in the first place. So I’ll just end the post with this. The reason why the game hungry, hungry hippos could not take place in real life is because hippos don’t like to eat white marble things packaged in the game. Plus real hippos are jag offs.



About panthersofamerica

I am a crazed 26 year old who is mentally 7 years old. I love the internetz and making people laugh, so what's better than having a blog full of stuff that makes people laugh? Nothing, that's what I tell you.
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