what life is like without the interwebz

today i am going to share with you a poem, its called,

what life is like without the interwebz

life without the interwebz is scary
i have no idea what the lolcats are doing
or whether something epic on youtube is happenin’
i’m missing all of the current new memes
and apparently a hurricane destroyed new york?
oh yeah, and cindy and bob totallllyyy broke up
wasn’t expecting that one, oh well
the moral of this story is that without the internetz
life is unconnected and boring
except i caught up on all my castle episodes
and i’ve been exercising more
which i guess is good because it will
lessen the pain of swimming


About panthersofamerica

I am a crazed 26 year old who is mentally 7 years old. I love the internetz and making people laugh, so what's better than having a blog full of stuff that makes people laugh? Nothing, that's what I tell you.
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