football teams i hate and the reasoning why i hate them, part 1

As the Steelers slowly go through playing every single football team in the NFL, I slowly start to hate every team in the NFL besides them. You see, when I first really got into football in 2004, I didn’t really mind most of teams and I actually didn’t mind the Colts (GASPHOLYSHITCHOKECHOKEGASSSPPP).

My how things have changed.

1. Bills – I actually don’t mind the Bills. I like when they beat the Patriots. Plus I am pretty sure they beat the Colts once when it was like negative digits one December. hahahaha

2. Ravens – I HATE when the Steelers play them. The games are always so freaking close and are up to the wire. Well, except for that Divisional Playoff game last year. ahahahahahaha I mainly can’t stand how the Ravens think that they are biggest BAMFS and in reality they aren’t. Plus everyone think that their quarterback is the shit, (I affectionately call him Joe Fluke-o), when Joe Flacco actually is a piece of shit. Just sayin’. Plus I can’t stand Ray Louis.

3. Texans – Don’t mind you guys either. Same as my Bills comment, I loved it when they beat the Colts this season. hahahaha

4. Broncos – I cannot hate this team. First of all, a guy who looked like Jesus was their quarterback (Jake Plummer). That shit was awesome. Second reason, THEY HAVE THE HOTTEST BACK UP QUARTERBACKS EVER. Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn? HELLLOOOO. You can come to my house anyday. Especially you Tim. GOODDD HE IS SO HOT.

5. Cowboys – hahahahaha the Cryboys. They are the NFL’s lovable losers. Except I don’t like them because they beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl in 96. I remember my dad screaming at the television when I was five during that game. Either way, the Cowboys are filled with a bunch of candy asses.

6. Bears – DA BEARS. You I do mind. Mainly cause you guys play smashmouth football. I was particularly pissed at you when you flubbed the super bowl that one year to the Colts, but I forgive you now. Plus your fans aren’t annoying. Well not to me at least.

7. Falcons – I don’t hate you yet either. Now if the Steelers would have lost their first game of last season against them, this might be different. But that would have been the Steelers fault, so I don’t think I would be that mad.

8. Cardinals – EW. EW. EW. These bastards caused me SOOOO much stress during the Super Bowl in 2008. Stupid ass Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald. OH WELL WE WON ANYWAY HAHAHA. I also really hate Kurt Warner even though he doesn’t play for them anymore because he is a whiny girl. Every time I swear he’s on TV, he’s always bitching about how the Steelers took away his Super Bowl. Well maybe if you didn’t suck, maybe you would have won the game? In either way, I HATE YOU.

THAT IS ALL FOR NOW. God I can’t wait until I get to the Bungholes and Dolts.


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I am a crazed 26 year old who is mentally 7 years old. I love the internetz and making people laugh, so what's better than having a blog full of stuff that makes people laugh? Nothing, that's what I tell you.
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