20 Random Thoughts or Ideas or Words or Whatever

This may help people understand my mind….nah it’ll just confuse you more.
  1. Cheer up emo kid
  2. Wow these nerds at starbucks who are next me are fucking weird.    THANK GOD THEY LEFT.
  3. Julia is texting on her phone and said she would throw a mucus filled napkin at them.  I egged her on and was like DOOOOO ITTTTTTT.
  4. I kinda feel bad right now because I wished something bad on someone.  And then it kinda happened.  Usually when I do stuff like that it doesn’t happen but this time it did.  Maybe in the last week I gained transmit-o-vision.  I guess that means you better not piss me off this week.  muahahahahaha >D
  5. So today I realized that there are too many things that I want right now with the funds I have as of now.  I really want this cell phone, and like 15 video games plus there are probably clothes that I want that I am not aware of.  I need to start my job pronto.
  6. And then when I start my job I will be closer to my birthday.  Just think, two months and I will be legally allowed to be drunk off my ass.  WATCH OUT INDIANAPOLIS.
  7. OH MY GOD.  Someone told me today that there is maximum security prison right in Indiana and its probably close.  And Indianapolis is terrorist target?  Why can’t you pick some other place, like Ohio?  Ohio sucks.  Well except for my friends that live there.
  8. Dear Osama bin Laden and other terrorist homies, you are not allowed to bomb Pittsburgh, PA, Indianapolis, IN, or Las Vegas, NV. K thx.
  9. you’re the man now dog
  10. Until 2:30 P.M. of Thursday, I really thought it was Friday.  And I was really proud of myself because I hadn’t ate meat to then find out that it really wasn’t Friday.  
  11. mrreeeowww
  12. I have my own pizza oven in my house.  I can have as many extra ingredients as I want and it doesn’t cost me any extra.
  13. This creepy guy messaged me on Youtube wanting me to comment on his video with a made up curse word.  The problem is that I don’t censor myself at all and just curse whenever the hell I want to.  So I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to respond on it.
  14. I just ate meat.  At 1:35 A.M., on Good Friday.  Sorry Jesus. 😦
  15. My favorite pokemon is Flygon.   Mainly because he’s ground and dragon.  Plus Flygons are pretty bad ass.  I like Dragonite, Feligatr, Ampharos, and Blaziken too.
  16. So the soda machine will not accept my money and I am kinda pissed.  All I want is a Diet Pepsi.  I think this Jesus punishing me for eating meat.  I said I was sorry.
  18. My cat has seven nicknames.  Graystache, Maxie, Maxime, Mr. Max, Mr. Pad, Padman, and Lardass.  I am jealous, I only have one.  
  19. I need to learn another language.  Like Spanish.  Or Swedish.  Or that clicking language the Doctor guy was speaking in Grandma’s Boy.   
  20. you’re the man now dog

About panthersofamerica

I am a crazed 26 year old who is mentally 7 years old. I love the internetz and making people laugh, so what's better than having a blog full of stuff that makes people laugh? Nothing, that's what I tell you.
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