you know when you’re a complete nerd when

you think that the following video is the most bad ass thing in the woorrrllllddd:

If you do think about it, the DS basically is the N64 in handheld form, but not all the games in the N64 library are offered for the DS making this even more awesome. I really want to make one of the for SNES so then I can just play old school games like Secret of Mana, Earthbound, and Illusion of Gaia in portable form. I mean it’s fun to play on an emulator with a controller, but I feel like its a better experience when you play it on the console. Maybe its more nostalgic? I don’t know.

Either way this equals epically coooooooooool!!!!!111111


About panthersofamerica

I am a crazed 26 year old who is mentally 7 years old. I love the internetz and making people laugh, so what's better than having a blog full of stuff that makes people laugh? Nothing, that's what I tell you.
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