movie review: beastly

After reading the book Beastly by Alex Flinn, I was throughly excited to see the movie based on the fact that Alex Pettyfer is fucking gorgeous and he was the main role in the movie. The whole costume change from the book kinda pissed me off but then I realized that with this costume I could see his beautiful face more which made it better in the end.

Personally I feel like all of the people they casted in the movie were perfect for each part. Neil Patrick Harris basically stole the movie. He was hilarious. Vanessa Hudgens was ehhhh, they could have picked a better actress. They could have made her make-up and her costumes more plain like I imagined Lindy had in the book.

Besides those things, this movie SUCKED.

They changed the name of all of the characters and changed the plot so much that it wasn’t anything like the book. Kyle, whose name is not changed to Hunter but to ADRIAN, builds the greenhouse before Lindy gets there and her crackhead father steals a rose making her father send Lindy to Adrian’s house. They completely changed this. Also they changed Magda’s name to Azula or whatever the hell it was. And they messed up with the whole witch character. AND THEY COMPLETELY CUT OUT THE ROMANTIC COUNTRY COTTAGE PART! NOT GOOD.

Uggggh, bastards. Oh well watching Alex Pettyfer for like an hour and half kinda makes up for the fact the plot was even more messed up than an episode of Teen Mom. Which speaking of Teen Mom, don’t even get me started on that shit. That Janelle girl needs a swift kick in the ass.

Back onto the subject of the movie, I would give it rating of 5/10. Four points for being able to look Alex Pettyfer’s sexy bod for an hour and thirty minutes and then the rest goes to Neil Patrick Harris for cracking my shit up.


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