Unnamed Crude Drawing Series, Pt. 1


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So apparently I have a rage problem.  So much that I have the nickname “Ragel”.  Well the nickname actually came from what would be my roller derby girl name, but it still kinda sticks to the fact that I have a “rageahol” problem.

Except I don’t punch cats.  I just worship them all unholy like.

Besides the point, I can’t help that I am just passionate about everything.  When you have my attention about something, I am going to divide like 110% of myself to you/current situation.

So you tell me some girl tried to cut you off at intersection and made you drop your ice cream?  Well in my books that girl needs to go the seventh circle of hell.  One because I’m extreme because I am super passionate and two she wasted ice cream.  Anyone who wastes ice cream is an awful person. Come on, you have to agree with that?

Okay, okay, fine, so the seventh circle of hell, may be a little harsh. But seriously, that was like the first thing that came to my mind. Why, who knows?

Another bad multiplier to add to my rage problem is my overly high expectations for everything…and I mean everything.

I expect everyone to be on par with me (not that I am superficial asshole and think I am perfect) or better than me.

I understand that everyone isn’t a perfect human being.  I mean, crap, I am horrible at lots of things.  Programming, 99% of all sports, not having rage fits, having a killer body, being rich, having a milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard…etc.

But seriously, how do people not understand basic etiquette and manners?  Like manage their money.  Or take care of their children.  Or not be a gigantic asshole to everyone.

Because I’m a gigantic nerd, I am using computer literacy for an example.

How can you NOT realize that when you are sending an email to someone that you do NOT put the entire email into the subject line of the email?  There is a place for Subject and place for the actual email.  IT’S CLEARLY LABELED FOR YOU.  You don’t have to be a computer whiz to figure out that one.

What really irritates me is when you have this punk ass kids who think they are holier than thou because they can do some really basic thing.  For example, there is the n00b that I used to swim with that was bragging about that connected his college email with his microsoft outlook and how he was better than everyone.


Me and pretty much the entire human population can do the same thing.  Not that hard.  Get back to me when you build an entire database and have it correctly link to a website.  Now that would be pretty baller.

That my friend, is why I rage.

So until I fix my expectations for people, passion, and getting mad when I can’t do something, we still are going to have a ragel problem.

Ragel smash.

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football teams i hate and the reasoning why i hate them, part 3

<img src=”http://cache.blippitt.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/NFL-Teams.jpg”&gt;

Now that we are getting back to good ol’ football season, I thought this would be an adequate time to discuss more of the football teams I hate.  Because I pretty much hate all of them.  Well except for the Steelers, cause they’re awesome and stuff.  I mean, look at Antonio Brown’s face. You can’t look at him straight in the eye and hate him.  So yeah he spartan kicked a punter from the Browns in the face, but he’s still awesome.


1. Patriots – The Patriots are just jags.  Let’s be honest.  You have a prissy quarterback that complains every time he’s get sacked plus his hair was cut like Justin Bieber.  Then there was some stupid jerk who played for them that punched Ben, and that pissed me off.  Besides that, can you think of one person that actually like them that does not live in Boston area?  I’m pretty sure everyone hates them.  Actually like 99% sure everyone hates them.

2. Browns – You know that stupid, pathetic kid in class that tries to pick fights with you and thinks that they are smarter than you and in reality you could pwn them in like less than 30 seconds?  That is the Browns.  Literally, the Browns literally suck all the time.  But then, of course, when the Steelers play the Browns, you have that whole rivalry crap and then instantly they play okay and then we almost get beat and I really want to rip my hair out.  But then there’s times when we beat them on Christmas Eve like 41-0. (That was fun game to watch, especially when Antwaan Randle-El threw that flea flicker pass to Hines Ward and all the Browns are just standing there watching Hines Ward run into the end zone)

3. Jaguars – Well the Jags…are pretty much Jags.

4. Raiders – Think of the biggest screw up in your life.  Could be your brother, sister, or friend that went the white trash route.  The Raiders are the screw ups of the NFL similarly to the Browns.   They go for those too good to be true scams.  I can get 10K for giving my banking account to this Nigerian prince in an email!  This is awesome, I’ll go for it.  That in a nutshell, is the Oakland Raiders.  This is another team where players go to end their careers.

5. Eagles – Okay, seriously, who the hell boos Santa Clause off the the field?  Oh wait, Eagles fans.  These fans are that really big bully that you were scared to walk past in school.  The weird thing is, that the Eagles usually are let down.  Holy crap, we almost made it to the playoffs, oh shit we lost to a really shitty team because Michael Vick got hurt when a fly landed on his shoulder.  I know Nick Foles in the QB now, but that’s how it used to be.  I really don’t have a huge problem with them, to be honest.

6. Green Bay – Meh.  I’m still pissed at those A-holes for the Super Bowl in 2010.  Fucking Steelers.  Fun fact about that game is that I, in fact, did not throw a hissy fit.  Normally I do, but I did not.  Personally, I think they are like the hipster team.  Yeah, yeah, you say their fans are awesome, but not as awesome as Stiller fans.  We are the bomb.  We speak broken english, eat Primanti Brothers, get really drunk and get in fights with people.  What more can you ask for?

7. Saints – I like them for beating the Colts.  I remember when that dude picked the pass off, my entire family is screaming at the top of their lungs GO GO GO GO.  And then when he scored, of course I start yelling Fuck you Peyton Manning!  Oh god, that next day at school was so wonderful.  Especially after all the bullshit I got from people after the Steelers won.  “Oh, the Steelers cheated.  James Harrison punched a guy in the face, wah, wah, wah.”  Whatever, we got 6 rings beeetches.

8.  Seahawks – I like these guys too.  Russell Wilson is a boss.  And I wish Marshawn Lynch played for the Steelers, he is freaking awesome too. I love how he sticks to his guns and doesn’t let the media get to him.  He’s just there to play football and he’s awesome at it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they won the Super Bowl again.

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Words Just Added to the Oxford Dictionary

Apparently the people who make the Oxford dictionary of learnding added some new words recently during their quarterly update.

Here a list of the words:

You know the one year they added bootylicious and everyone was in a huge uproar about it?  Why aren’t people in uproar about this?  Half of the crap in the list I have never heard about or don’t know what the hell it’s referring to.

My bone to pick is the word braggadocious.  WTF?  Wouldn’t it be easier to just to say, “it sounds very arrogant to say that I’m the best” or “i’m not a very modest guy”. Instead, some idiot came up with some ridiculously long word when you could have used two perfectly good words that were ten times shorter.  Who the hell is going to remember how to spell that anyway?  Some people spell angel as angle.  Do you think people are going to remember how to spell that word? No.

I am going to use all of these words in a sentence.

After I wear a baggy green, I am going to go to the store with my cane corso and by some burrata.  Since I have the money to buy that, I am going to act like a braggadocious prick.  Too bad I have a touchless dumb phone or I would have taken pictures of it.  I tell people I’m a flexitarian because I can’t decide if it’s cooler to be a vegetarian or to like meat so I just eat both.  Maybe this hump day I’ll decide…

There is so much cruft in this computer program.  It’s basically a feature complete FOSS.  Too bad my computer doesn’t have a SSD hard drive.  That’s why guys always keep in the friend zone.  Plus I tend to look schlumpy all the time.  Long hair don’t care.

I need an appletini so I can get blootered.  Then I’ll really be tweetable.  Stupid social sharing.  Plus I could eat an entire tray bake and they won’t upcharge me because the people will feel bad.  I wonder if my silliage will be of appletini…

My metabolic syndrome medicine is very biosimilar to reese puffs.  Maybe I shouldn’t have so much range anxiety.

The following two word officially suck: omnium and voluntourism.

this post is full of so much winn……

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What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

Well there was this one time that I went to go get orange leaf.  Usually I only get the birthday cake and the brownie batter froyo, since I am huge creature of habit.  I was about to get the birthday cake and brownie batter, but there it was: cookies and cream frozen yogurt.  Normally I think anything red velvet is disgusting but I just got this urging to try it.  So I took a leap of faith, and filled the 12 oz plastic bowl of love with some cookies and cream froyo.

Then I bought my froyo from the snotty 17 year old girl at the cash register who looked like she didn’t want to be there and would rather be making out with her college age boyfriend that her parents don’t know about.  I sat down on one of those weird funky plastic chairs they had and went in for the kill.  My tastebuds were on high of oreo cooking amazingness.  And to make it even better, I added cookie dough into the mix so it was like double cookie in yo faceness.

And that experience truly changed my life.  It’s sooooooo definitely not as important as getting a degree or getting my first job.

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indianapolis yellow cab

So yesterday I notched another name to my mortal enemies list. Right under Kristen Stewart is now this lovely company that has continued to screw me over when I need them:

fuckin' skanks

Cabs. You’d think that they’d be easy thinks to get. You know, just call them and be like hey, pick me up, and then they would dispatch a driver to come pick you. Normally, you’d think to wait about 15-20 minutes for a cab to come pick you up.


If you are Indianapolis Yellow Cab, I am told that someone will come pick me up in 15-20 minutes and then an hour later I get phone call saying that they haven’t even dispatched a rider to come pick us up. Then tell me they are working to get me another cab. Then I say fuck it and call another company (which I will affectionately will talk about in a bit) and by the time that I get to Broad Ripple, they have the audacity to call me and tell me they are on their way.

This is the third time you guys have not picked me up and I will let you know this: You will never get my business again.

Now, the people that I did call, Gold Cab, they were awesome. I had this super interesting cool conversation about tribes in Africa. Both of the cab drivers thought I was really smart because I was talking about when the British and French drew all the boundaries and royally fucked everyone over. Then the one cab driver was like yeah yeah we hate the French. And then I was like, let’s be honest man, who doesn’t hate French people? Most French people I’ve encountered hate America and were rude. And probably smelly. But that’s beside the point.

You guys are lucky there’s no cabs category at the review company that I am closely affiliated with that may or may not have the name Angie in the name. Because I would writing a really bad review about you all.

So basically the tl;dr version of this is not use the Indianapolis Yellow Cab because they suck and lie about when they are going to pick you up.

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good idea

So recently I got this really super genius idea that I should start getting people to set me up on blind dates.

Here’s the premise. One of my friends is bound to have single friends. There is a 76 percent chance that you have at least one eligible* friend out of your friend group that I will be willing to go on a date with.


And I have to have at least one single that you would want to go on a date with. And if not, you’ll go and you’ll like it!

So it’s perfect networking.

But then again. You don’t know what you are getting yourself into. What if I completely hype up whomever and they turn out be super freaking weird. Like the one time my sister set me up that stupid guy who sold her that cell phone and then he told me that poor people should euthanized. And she told me he was a hot football player. Nooooot.

Then there’s the whole, well, you thought it was great but in reality it sucked point that you have to get across to if things don’t go well.

That’s why I always tell people that I don’t want to go on dates with anymore that I am going to see this weird foreign film called panthers of america with a friend. Then I make up this really weird plot up when they ask me what it is about so they get weirded out. So then when I excommunicate them, then their last memory is me seeing that weird ass movie and then they don’t feel bad about not talking to me anymore? I don’t know, that’s how it works out in my mind.

I don’t know what you people think. Hell I don’t even know what I am thinking half the time.

The moral of the story is that blind dating is good for networking but if you don’t like the guy make up weird foreign films. Which is double awesome because what if you come up with the plot for the next Oscar winning movie just because you were getting out of a second date? Eh, EH?!

By the way, I get 50% of the cut if that ever happens because I just gave you that idea. BAM.

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